What Do I Need?

This guide should answer questions concerning what you need to get your lights dancing to music.


Typical Setups

It can a bit confusing in the beginning. This is a good place to start getting your head around things


Quick Start Guides

Quick Guides from installing to troubleshooting to running a show and everything in-between.

·        Installing a Starter Package for 16 to 128 channels

·        Converter Adapter Troubleshooting Guide

·        Cosmic Color Ribbons (CCR)

·        Cosmic Color Bulbs (CCB)

·        Non-Musical Animation Sequences

·        Setup & Schedule a Show

·        Preparing MP3 Files for Sequencing


Training Presentations

Good training documentation. Lots of reading.

·        LOR-101 Intro

·        LOR-202 Advance

·        LOR-303 For Hobbyist


ShowTime Software

A whole bunch of information on the software and how to use it.

·        S2 Help Manual (300+ pages)

·        What New in S3 (video)

·        S3 Help file

·        S3 Licensing FAQs

·        S3 Video Tutorials (YouTube)


LOR Controllers in a DMX Universe

How to use LOR Controllers in DMX Universe (optional setup)

Datasheets, Manuals & Troubleshooting Guides

Detail datasheets, manuals and troubleshooting guides for most LOR products..



Update your LOR product firmware


LOR Forum