The first time I saw a synchronized lighting display was of course at Disneyland, but on a home was in 2007 called “Lights Gone Wild” by a very creative person named Carson Williams. This got me hooked, and in 2008 I created my first synchronized light show for Halloween which consist of 10 carved pumpkins, a few tombstones and one singing pumpkin face. Over the years I’ve added more to my display with additional lights, props, more singing pumpkins. In 2010, my “Thriller” video received 1.2 million views on YouTube. Still only the neighbors and few others would actual come out to watch the show. It wasn’t until 2011 “Party Rock Anthem” did my display video go viral (8.5 million and counting), showed up on hundreds of websites, blogs, CNN, ABC, Good Morning America, etc. Thousands of people showed up every night to watch the show live and we even had a visit from the group LMFAO to shoot a KIA commercial. Also LMFAO used it as part of their closing performance on the 2011 American Music Awards. I changed most of my lights from incandescent to LEDs in 2011 which provided a much brighter…and energy efficient display.

Creative Lighting Displays was started based off the thousands of request asking “how do you do it and where can I get those lights”. We will update the site with videos, pictures, how to, events and much more. We are also adding a store soon so you too can creative and build your own display. Most of the lighting used in my display were custom built by myself. My store will consist of both DIY and “Plug and Play” lighting, props controllers and software.


Creative Lighting Displays